Where to Place a Desk in a Home Office

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Having a home office means being able to make money without the hassle of traveling back and forth to your workplace.

At the very least, it’s a great way to get some peace in an otherwise noisy house.

That being said, you will need to set up your home office before you can get down to business.

One of the most important components that need is an office desk. This then produces the challenge of finding the right place for your office desk.

We’re not here to tell you where the best place for your office desk is.

Instead, we’ll discuss some of the possibilities, as well as their benefits and disadvantages, so you can make your own well-informed choice.

Where to Place a Desk in a Home Office

Office Desk Facing a Window

One way to place a desk in your office is facing a window. Many people love this, mainly due to the view. Some may say that having a window to look out of is distracting; however, this is not true, at least not for the most part.

Many people agree that having a window to look out of is beneficial as it provides a good break from monotonous work; that view can be both inspiring and relaxing.

Depending on the location of your windows, you may choose to have your back against a wall or to the door.

Of course, the drawback to facing a window, depending on the direction it faces, is that at certain points of the day, you may get sun in your eyes.

Office Desk Facing 2 Windows

Some people, if they are lucky to have 2 windows on 2 walls, will choose to have their desk facing into a corner, with a window directly on each side of the corner.

Of course, this can effectively double the view that you see out of your windows, but at the same time, it can also double the amount of sunlight you get in your eyes.

Office Desk Facing the Wall

Everybody is different, and there are those of us who would rather face a blank wall as opposed to a window. For some people, a busy street view may be more distracting than a blank wall.

If you get very easily distracted, and you live in a busy neighborhood, facing your desk against a wall may be your best bet.

In terms of placement, you will probably want to avoid having your back to a window, as this may cause sunlight to reflect off your screen and create glare, something that nobody wants.

Many people have their desks facing the wall, with a door to one side and a window to the other.

Where to Place a Desk in a Home Office

Office Desk Facing the Door

Another option is to have your desk facing the door. Most people enjoy having at least a partial view of the door, just in case somebody comes in.

Even if you are alone at home, most people feel better with the door in view; it’s a human instinct to keep entrances and exits in view.

This is especially true if you have children or pets that are likely to wander into your office.

Whether you choose to have your back to a wall or a window is up to you, although most people will choose to face a door with their backs to the wall and a window to the side somewhere, mainly to avoid having a glare on the computer screen.

Office Desk in the Middle of the Room

Although this one is quite rare, some people will choose to have their office desks in the middle of a room, and here, you could have your back to the wall, the door, or a window, and you can choose to face whatever direction you see fit.

This is advantageous if you have a relatively small office without much room to maneuver.

Having your desk in the middle of a room can allow you to move 360 degrees around your desk, which is useful if you have closets, shelves, and cabinets all around that you need easy access to.

A Word on Corner Desks

On a side note, we have been talking mainly about single-piece straight desks. However, you may also choose to have an L-shaped corner desk.

If this is the case, you will need to choose one of the four corners of the office to place the desk.

You can choose any corner you prefer; just remember what we have talked about in terms of facing or having your back to the door, walls, and windows.


The bottom line is that there are many placement options for your desk in your office, and it all comes down to what feels the most comfortable and functional to you.

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