Why Is My Webcam Green: Top Causes and How To Fix Them

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Why is my webcam green? There could be so many reasons.

It could be due to old drivers, software problems, incorrect settings, and even dirty lenses.

Before you panic and think about buying a new one, you should check our guide first.

Unless your webcam lens is damaged, there’s still a good chance that you can resolve the issue.

Why Is My Webcam Green: Most Common Reasons

In the new normal, having a reliable computer system is extremely important. 

Most of us rely on our devices to work, study, and communicate.

That said, we need to make sure that every part of our computer is working properly, including our webcams.

There are many different reasons you could have a “green webcam” issue on your laptop or computer.

Let’s check out the most common ones.

Driver Issues

Most often, a problem with the webcam drivers causes a greenish image.

Drivers are an essential piece of software responsible for optimizing the image quality of your webcam.

They also ensure that the image signals are properly transmitted and processed.

When drivers become outdated, they can start causing problems in your system.

How To Fix

If you haven’t updated your webcam’s driver in a while, then it’s most probably the reason you see a greenish image.

The good news is that updating system drivers is very easy to do, even if you’re not good at computers.

Here are the steps to update or fix your camera drivers on Windows:

  1. Go to Device Manager and update from there.
  2. If it doesn’t fix the problem, uninstall and install your webcam drivers.
  3. By uninstalling the drivers, you are turning your device to the factory reset mode.
  4. Make sure to install the newest version of the camera drivers you’re using.
  5. Restart your computer.

It’s best to turn on the automatic updates on your computer.

This way, you don’t have to worry about doing it manually now and then.

Graphics Driver Issues

If updating the camera drivers doesn’t help, perhaps updating the GPU driver will.

The graphics processing unit of your computer is responsible for displaying the picture on your computer screen.

How To Fix It

Like camera drivers, you can update GPU drivers manually or automatically.

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Software Issues

Your VoIP app might also be triggering the green screen issue in your webcam.

If you’re using Discord, in particular, you should know that this is a very common issue with the said app.

Sometimes, the image even appears black, not just green.

This problem is reported in all major operating systems, such as Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.

If the green screen issue is only occurring when you’re using your webcam in a particular app, then it’s most likely some software issue.

How To Fix

Below are the different solutions you can try to resolve the green screen problem caused by your VoIP:

  • Update Your OS By Going To Your Computer Settings

Since applications are constantly updating, it’s important that you also keep the OS of your system or device updated.

That ensures your OS can support more advanced applications.

  • Reinstall the Application

The issue could be a result of a corrupt installation of your VoIP.

If you’re using a Windows computer, you can uninstall it from the Apps and Features.

If you’re using Mac, locate your VoIP in the app finder of your computer, choose File Move to Trash.

  • Adjust Your Permissions

The webcam’s screen may appear green or sometimes black in the app if it doesn’t have permission to access your computer camera.

To adjust your permission, go to your device’s settings, click Privacy, and then click App Permissions.

From there, you can enable your desktop apps to access your camera.

Incorrect Position of the Webcam

If you just replaced your camera and it is not fitted properly into your device, it can lead to poor image or video quality.

How To Fix

While replacing your laptop’s built-in webcam is something you can do by yourself using a few tools, this task is best left to the pros.

If you’re using an external camera, such as a USB webcam, another USB device may be interfering with your camera.

Consider disconnecting other USB peripherals from your computer or plugging it into a different USB port to resolve the issue.

Dirty Webcam

You should regularly clean your webcam, just like all other components of your computer or laptop.

Sometimes, the dust particles stuck on the surface of your camera can cause blurry, greenish, or even pinkish image quality.

How To Fix

Laptop webcams are best cleaned using a soft microfiber cloth and lens cleaner.

You should never use corrosive chemicals or soap when cleaning your webcam.

Also, avoid rubbing or wiping it hard.

Clean the surface gently in a circular motion.

Besides giving your camera a good clean, you should check its focus ring, especially if you’re using an external or USB camera.

If your equipment doesn’t produce a clear picture, it’s also possible that there is a problem adjusting the focus ring.

Damaged Lens

If after trying the fixes we mentioned above and your webcam still displays a green image, you might be dealing with a damaged lens.

Camera lenses are very sensitive and can get damaged easily.

That’s why you have to clean it regularly because even dust particles can scratch the lens of your webcam and cause permanent problems.

If you’re using an old webcam, you’d benefit from getting an upgrade, especially if you use it a lot for work.


Why is my webcam green? There are different possible causes for this.

Most often, updating your camera drivers is going to resolve the issue.

If you continue to experience a green screen when using your webcam, consider checking for software issues, repositioning your webcam, and cleaning it.

However, if you suspect that the lens is damaged, you should consider bringing your unit to a technician.

Better yet, consider buying a new one, especially if your existing webcam has been around for quite some time already.

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