Things To Put on Office Desks To Stay Productive and Motivated

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Your home office doesn’t have to be boring and old-fashioned.

With a few tweaks, your desk can make the inner geek in you squeal in pleasure but also keep it clutter-free.

Putting a few objects on your desk might not sound very exciting but wait until you see our list of essential things to put on office desks.

In a few minutes, you’ll be nodding your head in agreement without knowing why.

Things To Put On Office Desks 

Everything that you can find in your workspace must be there for a reason.

You can’t just put a blender there and pretend it belongs there.

To deserve a place on your hallowed sanctuary for work, that something must be functional, aesthetically pleasing, and useful.

1. USB Hub

Ever felt like you’ve already used every USB port in your computer?

Sometimes, you have to use your headphones, a mouse, a fan, your heating cup, and a lot more USB devices that all seem indispensable when you’re grinding away.

If you’re wondering how others seem to have more USB ports than realistically possible, the answer is a USB hub.

Some hubs even allow you to have eight more USB ports at your disposal.

So, if you do decide that you need to use a USB-chargeable nose hair trimmer while working, plug that puppy in your USB hub and start trimming.

2. Headphones

In a busy home office, a headphone is a wonderful gadget to have around.

With a pair of headphones, you’ll have no problem drowning out the sounds around you.

Your client or manager will surely appreciate it when you don’t have to say, “Can you repeat what you said?” when you’re having a virtual meeting.

3. Universal Charging Station

In an important meeting and your batteries are low? The horror!

Your client or manager will have a field day knowing that you missed that important message just because of an empty battery.

Make sure you’re always powered up with a universal charging station.

If you’re going to have one, look with a power distributed evenly across all devices.

Also, some varieties that offer numerous charging options as well as a wireless charging pad.

4. Laptop Stand

Laptop stands are designed to ergonomically accommodate you when you’re typing away.

You don’t have to buy an adjustable table, which is significantly more expensive, depending on the table.

Plus, if you already have a table, a laptop stand would make more sense.

It can do away with that “tech neck” that you have while looking down at your laptop.

Tech neck is how your neck being forward most of the time has strained your spine.

The best part of this is that you can stand up while working.

After all, you do have to stand up every 20 minutes, especially when your work requires you to sit down all the time.

5. Portable Heater or Clip-On Fan

Rather than adjust the whole room’s temperature and deal with the scandalized looks of your colleagues, why not use a portable heater?

You don’t have to suffer in the freezing cold just because other people want it so.

As things to put on office desk go, there are under-desk heaters or footrest heaters which can warm up your feet.

If the heat is starting to stifle you, use a clip-on fan to cool your skin without worrying about what other people might say.

Find a fan with three speeds and rechargeable so you can use it for at least three hours.

6. In-Tray

You do know that your workspace should be organized. Otherwise, you’ll miss an important document by misplacing it.

Put everything that’s not yet organized in the in-tray.

Sometimes, documents come in stacks, and you don’t have time to organize them properly when you’re busy with other things.

Also, you do have to coordinate first with your boss if those documents will still need to be referenced.

What you can do is file things you recognize immediately as important and put them in the in-tray until you have the time to file them.

7. Novelty Pens

Sometimes, you do have a client who is hard to talk to; you do need to put them at ease, though.

Novelty pens may do the trick.

Ever have a novelty pen with a gaudy, pink faux fur at the top? Or one with your favorite singer’s head?

These pens are a conversation starter and can put your nervous or untalkative clients at ease.

You may even score that deal with your pen.

8. Photograph of Your Family

Needing inspiration when it gets stressful at work?

When it gets rough at work, you have to look inward and ask yourself, “Why am I here doing this?

Oh yeah, it’s because of my loved ones—your deepest why.

Besides them, there are bills to pay, loans to take care of, and if you have kids, mouths to feed.

9. Calendar

There are so many distractions at work and checking the calendar can help anyone recognize the urgency of different tasks.

When you look at one, you may notice that you only have a few days before that big presentation.

Calendars are a proverbial zapper.

One calendar with notes on them, including a big red circle on an important date, can zap you back to reality and immediately get you working again.

10. Stress Ball

Sometimes, you arrive at your limit, but can’t go out and get some fresh air.

Whether it’s a situation that is beyond your control or not, you can’t all go to your manager, slam some papers on their desk and shout, “I quit!

It is a tempting thought, to be sure. We’ve all been there.

However, getting a stress ball is simpler for yourself and your bank account.

Squeeze the life out of that stress ball as if your life depended on it.

Doing that will also improve your blood circulation and help you avoid Carpal Tunnel Syndrome that afflicts people who take their job too seriously.

Things To Put on Office Desk

11. Memo Pad

A memory aid—that’s what memo pads are for, and where you can write a message that you got while talking on the phone.

People list just about everything on small scraps of paper.

A memo pad allows you to list it down without having to tear up an important document in the process.

Just like a calendar, a memo pad will force you to pause and focus your attention on what’s written.

12. Desk Lamp

Even if you’re working at the office, some lights just aren’t enough. You can use a desk lamp in just about any place you need to work.

Reading with ample lighting does wonders for your efficiency, as well.

That way, you don’t have to lean forward every five minutes to read something from your computer monitor.

Choose a bright desk lamp that doesn’t emit too much heat. LED lamps are perfect in that regard.

Don’t forget to choose one with minimal glare too.

13. Printer

When you have to get your printout at a separate office and you tend to forget them, it’s a good idea to have your own printer.

Request one if the company you’re working for can provide it or have the one you bought checked by an IT first for security.

While it may seem outdated to have a hard copy of a report in this day and age, some people still print out copies for rechecking information.

Also, hard copies are easy to distribute and can be read at any time since they don’t require much technical know-how to do so.

Some companies still require their employees to print out hard copies of documents.

We guess the smell of ink on paper is a temptation too difficult to resist.

14. Coaster

We all love to have a cold drink, especially when things start to heat up, literally and figuratively.

Cold drinks tend to accumulate condensation from the air around them and can leave nasty water circles on your desk.

If your desk is made of material that retains these marks, it’s a good idea to use coasters.

A coaster can help keep these marks at bay and protect your table from small scratches.

It can keep your documents safe from tears or nicks. 

15. Alarm Clock

A reminder of when you should send some important emails or when the next meeting is could spell the difference between employed and fired.

An alarm clock can also remind you of the time to take your medication.

As a worker, being reminded of deadlines is also essential.

Using your cellphone alarm might not be feasible for some because people tend to put their phones on silent when hard at work.

16. Vanity Kit: Mirror and Comb

Even if you’re not somebody who directly talks to clients, it’s always a good idea to look good and feel confident.

Science shows that if you’re confident with the way you look, you’ll be able to communicate more effectively.

This confidence will allow you to speak with more clarity and succinctly get your message across.

Your clients would be so impressed with you that they’d accept any offer you give them. Just kidding!

17. Stapler

To make sure that your important documents stay together, staple them.

If you’re handling paper stacks, you don’t want your documents mixed up with unrelated ones.

Using a stapler is a more efficient and reliable way to keep things that go together.

When looking for one, find how many sheets a stapler can fasten.

If your documents are usually thick, find a heavy-duty stapler that can fasten everything in one snap.

Some staplers can staple 20 sheets and easily 200 papers.

Depending on what you need, there are many kinds of staplers to choose from.

18. Pomodoro

The Pomodoro clock is a tomato type of timer.

The Pomodoro technique can help you improve your accountability, plan schedules more effectively, and keep yourself motivated.

In short, it can help you manage your time.

At the end of each timer setting off, list down all you’ve accomplished.

This can help you be transparent with your productivity to your managers.

Here are steps on how to make the Pomodoro technique work for you.

  1. Write a list of important tasks to complete.
  2. Set a timer for 25 minutes. 
  3. Start working on your list. Even if you receive a text message or you have unread emails, you have to continue working on your task. 
  4. If you finished the task or tasks and you still haven’t completed your 25 minutes, move on to the next task. If you haven’t finished the task, take a five-minute break when the alarm goes off.
  5. When the timer goes off, you’ve finished a Pomodoro. If you’ve finished four Pomodori, take a 20 to 30-minute break. 
  6. Repeat this method until your tasks are done or your workday is over.

At the end of the day, many people feel productive working with a Pomodoro clock by their side or on their desk.

19. Cellphone Stand

To prevent neck strain, a cellphone stand helps you stay comfortable while checking your emails or who messaged you.

A stand can also help you stay organized and keep your desk clean.

If you spill something on your desk, the stand can help protect your cellphone from the liquid.

20. Water

It’s important to stay hydrated, especially while working.

Dehydration can lead to headaches or decreased memory.

If you’re not the type who drinks water regularly, you can spice your water up a notch by making it more interesting.

Some people add lime to their drinks or a slice of lemon along with mint leaves.

Other people freeze blended fruits, coffee, chocolate drinks, and other juice drinks to mix with their water.

Now, that’s exciting! Again, don’t forget to use a coaster when you’re drinking cool drinks.


The objects or gadgets included on our list are not just there for show. You need most of those things to help you do your job a whole lot easier.

Then, you need some of them for you to feel better about yourself while at work.

A happy worker is an efficient worker, after all.

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