Feng Shui Plants for Office Desks Worth Considering

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Something is fascinating about having plants around, especially indoors.

It does not only improve the ambiance but also helps remove air pollutants.

However, not all plants are suitable according to the Chinese principle of Feng Shui.

There are specific plants for a particular spot, and that is what we’ll discuss today.

We will talk about Feng Shui plants for office desks in particular.

What Is Feng Shui?

Before we check what plants are best suited for your office desk, let us first try to understand the concept of Feng Shui.

Feng means wind in Chinese, while Shui refers to water from the same language.

The concept came from an old poem about the connection between human life and the environment.

Feng Shui is a Chinese tradition of organizing the items in your living areas to generate a natural balance with the world.

It aims to utilize energy forces and build unity between people and their surroundings.

Although Feng Shui is part of the Asian culture, other nations worldwide have adopted the concept.

Many people believed that Feng Shui helps improve how people interact with one another, whether at home or the workplace.

Why Do You Need Feng Shui Plants for Office Desks?

Having Feng Shui plants on your office desks represents many things since each one has a specific meaning.

  • Prosperity

Generally, most people believe that Feng Shui plants placed on their office desks help them live a fruitful and prosperous life.

Most people believe that these prosperity plants make it easier for them to succeed in life.

A small bamboo plant placed on the desk helps conquer work-related challenges.

  • Healthy Living

Probably one of the most vital aspects of a Feng Shui plant is its ability to purify the air and eliminate the negative energy in your office space.

Feng Shui plants inside the office create positive energies among the employees, improving their overall disposition.

  • Wealth

Some Feng Shui plants can attract more blessings, making them ideal for offices and working spaces.

Hence, it is best to put wealth-attracting plants on your desk if you want to receive more blessings.

  • Good Luck

Another aspect of some Feng Shui plants is their ability to attract luck into your life and working spaces.

Place one on your desk or anywhere inside the office and let good luck flow into your life and career.

  • Great Fortune

Most Feng Shui plants are associated with success and great fortune.

Having them in your office allows better opportunities to come in.

These plants will also lessen the stress as you accomplish your tasks.

  • Peaceful Energy

Feng Shui plants keep your surroundings calm and peaceful, reducing stress during working hours.

These plants will allow you to work with a peaceful mind and calm disposition.

Effects of Having Plants in the Workplace 

Not just in Feng Shui, but even experts say plants in the workplace have positive effects.

  • Reduces Stress

Introducing plants in the workspace eliminates stress and other negative emotions among employees.

The workers are less anxious, depressed, hostile, or tired.

Plants lift their spirits, improving their performance and overall well-being.

  • Increases Productivity

The employees’ enhanced performance resulted in increased productivity as their memory retention improved.

Seeing a plant on their desks or anywhere around the office encourages the employees to work better and happier.

  • Reduces Absence Rates and Sickness

Introducing plants in working environments decrease symptoms of illness like concentration problems, dry skin, fatigue, and eye and nose irritation.

Having plants in the workplace can have a positive effect on the psychosocial environment of the workers.

  • Workplace Becomes Inviting

A hint of nature in the overall workplace design makes it more inviting for job applicants and current employees alike.

The overall aesthetic of the working environment may influence the jobseekers and employees’ willingness to join or stay in the company.

  • Cleans the Air

We all know that we need oxygen to survive. On the other hand, plants need carbon dioxide together with light and water.

Plants can remove different chemicals from the air, purifying them in the process for us to breathe clean air.

Therefore, indoor plants can decrease carbon dioxide levels in enclosed and airconditioned workspaces.

  • Reduces Noise Levels

Plants can also absorb sounds, reducing background office chatter effectively.

You can reduce the distracting noises by positioning them in strategic places inside the workplace.

  • Boosts Creativity

Adding natural elements to your office design help boost the workers’ creativity in performing their tasks.

Looking at nature and other natural elements like plants relax our brain, allowing it to concentrate better.

Feng Shui Plants for Office Desk

Feng Shui Plants for Office Desks

Some people observe Feng Shui in the office to attract positive energies.

They usually start from their desks, which symbolizes your career and purpose in life.

There are various Feng Shui plants that you can use around the office depending on what you want to improve.

Apart from attracting positivity, these plants also enhance the office’s overall appearance, reflecting on the employees’ outlook.

These Feng Shui plants also help purify the air and eliminate negative energies.

Below are some options and what they symbolize.

Aroid Palm

This palm symbolizes happiness. It’s also known as ZZ or fortune plant, fat boy, or eternity plant.

Its thick and textured leaves are believed to bring luck and good fortune.

Bamboo Palm

A bamboo palm, also called lucky bamboo, has different meanings depending on the number of stalks and arrangement.

Two stalks mean love, three are for happiness, wealth, and long life, while five impact wealth, and six represent wealth together with luck.

Seven stalks are for good health, eight are for growth, nine represent great luck, ten signify perfection, and 21 means powerful blessing.

In general, a bamboo palm offers health, luck, and prosperity. You can place it on the east side for health-related concerns.

If you want to attract luck and wealth, place the plant in the northeast part of your office, where there is no direct sunlight.

The plant favors cool weather, making it ideal inside your airconditioned working spaces.

Also, it’s best to put it in a pot with clean water and stones.

Dwarf Umbrella Tree

A dwarf umbrella tree is one of the most common Feng Shui plants. People believe that the leaves can catch positive energy.

They consider this plant to represent prosperity and protection for anyone who has it.

Ficus Tree

A ficus tree symbolizes enlightenment.

It can grow big, so people associate it with Buddha saying that he hanged from it to gain wisdom and understanding.

Golden Pothos

Golden pothos symbolizes cleanliness and healthiness with their purifying capabilities.

It easily attracts and collects dead and stagnant energies inside the room.

These plants, sometimes called devil’s ivy, have heart-shaped green leaves and are easy to grow and care for.

Jade Plant

A jade plant symbolizes wealth and is a popular Feng Shui plant.

Its round leaves are considered magnets for good fortune and prosperity.

It’s a type of succulent plant with smooth branches, tree-like stems, and thick fleshy leaves.

It’s also known as the money plant but different from the tree variety.

Apart from your desk, you can also place this low-maintenance plant at the office entrance to attract more money energy.

You can also put this plant on the northwest part of your working space, away from direct sunlight.

Money Tree

Aptly named, a money tree symbolizes wealth and prosperity, an ornamental houseplant said to attract fortune.

This Feng Shui plant typically comes with a central trunk with three to seven braided stems.

It has shiny green leaves shaped like a lance tip.

Peace Lily

The peace lily plant symbolizes strength and peaceful energy.

It has the power to overcome harmful indoor gases, cleaning the air in the process.

According to Feng Shui, it attracts fortune and good luck with its beautiful large green leaves and dazzling white flowers.

It also promotes physical and mental balance with its solid protective vibrations.

Feng Shui experts recommend placing it on the east side.

Even better is to place it near electrical equipment like your computer and printer since it helps eliminate the harmful effects of positive ions.

Rubber Plant

A rubber plant represents endurance. It belongs to the fig family and easy to grow indoors.

It has shiny dark green leaves and can grow tall even while indoors, creating a stress-free atmosphere.

This plant does well in dark environments that have the slightest evidence of light.

You can place it on the northwest part of your desk or office.

Feng Shui Plants for Your Desk

There are plenty of Feng Shui plants for office desks that you can find to attract the good attributes mentioned above.

All green, living plants promote growth, making them an essential element in your workspace to improve your career.

Determine which attribute you want to attract in your personal and professional life and position the right Feng Shui plant accordingly.

Most of these Feng Shui plants are low maintenance, but they still need your care and attention to experience the positive benefits.

That is especially since they may have an opposite effect on your health and wealth if they wither or die because of neglect.

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