How to Clean Office Chair Fabric

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Office chairs can be comfortable and supportive. However, this does not mean that they aren’t without their problems. Fabric office chairs can get dirty and smell pretty quickly.

Whether you spill something on the chair or you just spend a hot and sweaty summer sitting in it, smells and stains can build up fast.

If you have a stained or smelly office chair, you’re probably wondering how to clean office chair fabric, and this is the issue we will be discussing in this article.

How to Clean Office Chair Fabric

Specific Cleaning Instructions

What is important to note here is that not all office chairs can be cleaned in the same way.

Each one should include a tag that tells you exactly how to clean it, and these instructions will usually always come in letter format letter codes.

So, what are these cleaning instruction codes, and what do they mean?

  • S – The furniture should be cleaned with a solvent or a waterless cleaner, like a dry cleaning solvent
  • W – It is possible to perform spot cleaning with water-based cleaners
  • X – This means that the fabric in question should only be cleaned by professionals
  • SW – You may use a dry cleaning solvent or a water-based product
  • C – This stands for Crypton cleaning, and it means that stains may be removed with water and enzyme detergent, or a special Crypton upholstery cleaner
  • S – Office chair cleaning using dry cleaning products or waterless solvents. For this designation, you can clean your office chair using a dry cleaning product or a waterless solvent.
  1. The first step is to choose your product, which may be found at a furniture store, a home improvement store, or a specialty cleaning store.
  2. Once you have purchased your product, apply the cleaner to a cloth, and then blot it on the stain.
  3. If you are worried about the cleaning solution causing problems, test it out on an area that is not easily visible.
  4. Continue blotting the stain and desired areas until stains are gone.
  • W – Office chair cleaning using water-based cleaners. If you have a polyester or acrylic chair, or similar fabrics, chances are that you can use a basic water-based cleaner to remove stains and smells, and the usual go-to option here is a mild water-based detergent, such as dish soap.
  1. First off, use a vacuum to clean the chair.
  2. Once you have vacuumed, mix a little bit of the detergent with warm water. You can always test it out in an area that is hard to see, just to make sure that it does not cause stains or affect the texture of the fabric.
  3. If the spot dries and it looks good, you can then use the same solution to clean the rest of the chair.
  4. Keep blotting stains and areas with a cloth dampened with your cleaning solution.
  5. Ensure that you do not pour the cleaning solution directly onto the chair.
  • X – Cleaning an office chair professionally. If your office chair comes with the X designation, it means that it needs to be cleaned professionally and it cannot be done on your own.
  • SW or WS – Office chair cleaning with water-based or waterless solvents. Many types of office chair fabric are made with materials such as polyester, polyester mixes, or recycled polyester. With these, you can often use either the water-based or the waterless cleaning methods which we have discussed in the above sections.
  • C – Crypton office chair cleaning. Crypton fabric is a little different from the rest; stains and smells can be removed using plain water and a powdered enzyme detergent, foam shampoo, water-based cleaning products, germicidal detergents, and Crypton cleaner. Never use dry cleaning products or solvent-based cleaners.
  1. To do this, mix a gallon of water with a ¼ cup of mild dishwashing liquid.
  2. Use a misting spray bottle to apply the solution to the fabric.
  3. Scrub the area with a soft sponge or soft-bristled brush.
  4. Work from the outside of the stain to the inside, so you don’t spread it around further.
  5. Allow for the cleaning solution to work itself into the fabric for a few minutes. Then, rinse the area thoroughly to remove soap residue, and use a dry cloth or sponge to blot away extra moisture.
  6. If necessary, repeat these steps until the stains are gone.
How to Clean Office Chair Fabric

Cleaning Office Chairs for Smells

As long as you don’t have some super special kind of office chair, if it only has bad odors to it, and not stains, in most cases, you can use a deodorizer to clean it. This means that you can give your office chair a couple of spritzes of something like Febreze, and it should do the trick.


There you have it how to clean various office chair fabric types. If you go through any of the above steps and the stains remain, you may need to seek professional cleaning help.

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