10 Cool Things to Have on Your Office Desk

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If you are trying to create a fun, relaxing, and functional workspace, one that does not bore you to death, one that feels easy to work with, and one that is comfortable, there are plenty of cool items and gadgets you can place on your office desk.

Some are fun, some are functional, and some are relaxing.

Let’s take a look at some cool things to have on your office desks.

Cool Things to Have on Your Office Desk

A Very Mini Fridge

Do you constantly find that you are thirsty and need hydrating? If this is the case, a very small fridge may be a cool idea.

Some mini-fridges are just large enough for 1 or 2 cans of soda or bottles of water, small enough to fit on a desk, and powerful enough to keep drinks cool.

Many models even feature a USB power slot, so you can keep your drinks cool via the power supplied by your computer.

A Cool Tape Dispenser

If you want something silly to liven the place up and something that is still somewhat functional, there are plenty of cool tape dispensers out there to choose from.

You can find tape dispensers that come in almost any form, whether a gun, an otter, a dinosaur, a car, or anything in between. It’s simple, fun, and useful.

A Zen Garden

Zen gardens are those cool little sandboxes where you use a small rake or stick to create mesmerizing patterns. Zen gardens have been proven to be very relaxing for the mind, and just looking at one can bring a wave of calmness over you.

At the very least, taking a break to spend a few minutes scribbling some cool patterns into the sand can be fun and relaxing.

Cool Things to Have on Your Office Desk

A Venus Fly Trap

When it comes to really cool things to have on your office desk, a carnivorous plant such as a Venus flytrap is up there with the best of them, and it comes with many benefits.

First, these plants eat bugs such as annoying flies. These plants are effective at luring and eating bugs, making the plant functional. Moreover, they look awesome, and even better, it gives you a living thing to take care of.

A Nano Fish Tank

Yet another cool thing to have on an office desk is a nano fish tank. These are very small fish tanks, often with as little as a couple of gallons of water.

Here, you can do some aquascaping, which is the process of creating a green and luscious underwater landscape, and of course, you can add some fish to the mix.

Many people find that fish tanks are very relaxing, plus they are satisfying because it gives you something living to care for.

Novelty Pens and Pencils

Although huge novelty pens and pencils may not be overly functional, they certainly do look cool, and better yet, they make for some great laughs and conversation starters.

A ‘That Was Easy’ Button

If you are familiar with the Staples Business Depot, you may have seen their commercials where the people smack that “That Was Easy” Button.

Although not overly functional, it’s a cool thing to have. When you complete a task, give that big red button a whack and listen as it says, “That Was Easy.” It can be pretty satisfying.

A Ball Pendulum – Newton’s Cradle

Have you ever seen those gizmos that have several metal balls hanging on strings in a straight line, side by side, and then when you pull on one ball and let it smack the others, the ball on the other side will move? This item is known as Newton’s cradle, and once you start the back and forth movement, unless you stop it by hand, it will never stop. It’s just a cool science thing.

A Plush or Stuffed Animals

As an adult, you may not be a fan of stuffed animals; however, if you have a small, colorful, and eccentric stuffed animal on your desk, it can be a good conversation starter, it can provide you with comfort in tough times, and if worse comes to worst, if you get really angry, you can always throw it at a wall without breaking anything.

Stress Ball or Hand Trainer

Another cool thing to have on your office desk, something that is functional too, is something like a stress ball or a hand trainer those devices with a spring in the middle that you squeeze together to strengthen your hands.

These are great devices to relieve stress and to strengthen your hands at the same time.


You now have 10 cool, fun, and functional things to have on your office desk. If you can make your workspace a more relaxing, fun, and productive place, you are on the right track.

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