TW Lighting Ivy LED Desk Lamp Review

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There are thousands of lamps available for sale. If you need a small and straightforward lamp, finding the right one for your needs can be difficult.

However, we are here to help you find a good desk lamp that won’t cost you a fortune, and right now, we want to take a look at an excellent option.

TW Lighting Ivy LED Desk Lamp


The TW Lighting Ivy LED Desk Lamp is a small, simple, and affordable LED desk lamp that consumes as little power as possible.

Who is This Product For?

The TW Lighting Ivy LED Desk Lamp is designed for people who need a small desk lamp. It’s good for small desks and nightstands alike, as it does not take up much space.

Moreover, it’s a good option for people operating on a budget, as it comes at a reasonable price and does not consume much energy. You could use it for work, reading, general illumination, or anything in between.

What’s Included?

When you purchase the TW Lighting Ivy LED Desk Lamp, you get a desk lamp with over 5,000 lumens of brightness; it uses up to 65% less power than other LED lights, and you also get a light-based USB charger for your devices.

Overview of Features

The TW Lighting Ivy LED Desk Lamp is an excellent option for a variety of reasons. This lamp is corded, which means you don’t have to deal with batteries.

The TW Lighting Ivy LED Desk Lamp also comes with a USB charging port included. There are no USB cables included, but there is a charger.

So, while the lamp is plugged into a power source, you can plug your phone, tablet, or whatever else into the lamp for fast and easy charging.

Moreover, we also like the TW Lighting Ivy LED Desk Lamp due to its stylish design. It’s not a piece of modern art by any means, but it does look nice, and it works well in contemporary décor. It has a sleek appearance.

In terms of the light itself, it features an adjustable gooseneck design, so you can adjust the lighting position whatever way you see fit.

Moreover, the TW Lighting Ivy LED Desk Lamp also features a dimming switch with 3 different light levels. You can set it to dim for a bit of illumination, or you can set it bright for reading or other such tasks.

In case you were wondering about brightness, the maximum amount of light you will get out of this lamp is 5,000 lumens, which is more than enough to light up a decent-sized space.

What you may like about the TW Lighting Ivy LED Desk Lamp is that it is UL listed and Energy Star certified.

Seeing as it is a small LED desk lamp, and because it is Energy Star certified, you can rest assured that it does not use too much power and won’t significantly impact your energy bill.

When compared to other LED lamps, this one uses up to 65% less energy.

It is also worth mentioning that the TW Lighting Ivy LED Desk Lamp is made with some pretty decent materials, and although it may not be a feat of engineering, it should easily last for a few years.


The TW Lighting Ivy LED Desk Lamp is very simple, and there is not much to know about using it.

All you have to do is take it out of the box, plug it in, and use the button to control how bright it is. It’s a simple desk lamp with no real features that you need to learn how to use.


  • Very bright
  • Three brightness levels
  • Energy Star certified
  • USB charger included
  • Long-lasting design


  • The packaging is not good
  • May arrived scratched


In case you don’t like the look of the TW Lighting Ivy LED Desk Lamp, or maybe if it is not quite bright enough for you, an excellent alternative is the LEPOWER Metal Desk Lamp.

If you would rather have a floor lamp, the Miroco LED Floor Lamp is a great alternative.


If you need an affordable desk lamp, one that doesn’t use much power, looks nice, and has various brightness levels, the TW Lighting Ivy LED Desk Lamp is a good option for you to check out.

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