Diffusing Harsh Fluorescent Office Lighting

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Hospitals, commercial spaces, and offices use fluorescent lights as a solution for bright illumination.

While this is an affordable and fair option, you should know that these have been identified for triggering migraines.

Fluorescent lighting can be quite harsh and overwhelming, resulting in the opposite effect of what you are trying to achieve (fatigue instead of productivity).

Luckily, even if you are on a budget, there are several methods that you can use to soften and improve fluorescent office lighting.

This article will discuss several tips and tricks that should help you achieve energy-efficient, bright, and healthy office lighting. Let’s get right to it.

Easy Ways to Improve Overwhelming Fluorescent Lighting

If your company is small or doesn’t have a big budget, fluorescent lighting is what you will go for before the LEDs.

However, in the long-term, the latter type of lighting is more energy-efficient and will save you money (we will talk about this in another article).

The fact that fluorescent lighting can improve brightness and trigger migraines and eye strain in the process is something that you will undoubtedly want to react to.

The first and easiest way to do so is by replacing the T12 bulbs present in most older offices.

By investing in T8 bulbs, which are smaller and more efficient, you will reduce the harsh lighting that fluorescent bulbs emit and save energy in the process.

The second solution is to invest in guard sleeves if your fluorescent lighting system comes in a tube form. This method works in a couple of different ways.

It will eliminate harsh glare, as well as create a warmer environment. On the other hand, if the bulb shatters, you won’t have to worry about tiny pieces of mercury/glass going through your skin, as the guard sleeves will prevent that.

Finally, you may want to cover your fluorescent lights with polycarbonate or an acrylic sheet. This goes a long way when it comes to diffusing and getting more efficient illumination.

Health Effects of Harsh Fluorescent Lighting

As fluorescent bulbs emit blue light, it is quite common for people sensitive to color temperature to develop a series of ailments.

Fluorescent lighting is very different than natural sunlight, which disperses a broad spectrum of visible light and thus doesn’t result in any of these listed issues:

  • Soreness and aching in eyes
  • Eyestrain
  • Migraines and headaches
  • Blurred and double vision
  • Increased sensitivity to natural light
  • More frequent watery eyes
  • Increased blinking

Many of these issues can affect fluorescent light sensitivity of those who work in offices with fluorescent lighting for long hours.

Diffusing Harsh Fluorescent Office Lighting

Benefits of Diffusing Lights With Covers/Printed Panels

Photographers use light diffusers to soften the glare, which you should use to reduce overwhelming fluorescent lights.

In this matter, it is essential to discuss a couple of benefits that you can get by installing decorative plastic panels or thin films that act as covers for fluorescent lighting.

First and foremost, you will be able to minimize the harsh glare that comes from poor lighting while making sure that the print panel fits your office’s environment.

These are decorative and can be customized to mimic the outdoors (clear blue sky) can impact both your creativity and productivity.

Not only that but by selecting a relevant theme, you will motivate your employees/coworkers to be more efficient.

Additionally, the vivid images that are installed through these panels will create a warmer environment.

Most importantly, diffusing fluorescent lighting through this method will eliminate the risk of eye strain and annoying migraines triggered by too much brightness.

Final Thoughts

While not all people experience fluorescent lighting issues, it is always better to prevent than to treat, so investing in fluorescent light diffusers is a must.

They will eliminate the harsh glare and risk of the health ailments previously mentioned and help you create a warmer and more productive environment.

If you have any way of changing your lights for LEDs, that would be your best bet, but if not, then a diffuser should do the trick.

However, if you are still experiencing the side effects of fluorescent light sensitivity, be sure to look into trying LED lights instead.

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