Best Office Printer in 2021 Reviews With Comparisons

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For the home office or a small to medium-sized business, you need reliable equipment and provides you with excellent service. This also applies to your office printer, as you need quality and quantity at the same time.

Let’s take a look at some of these great office printers and what they have to offer. They offer many great features, but you need to know which will be suitable for your needs.

Keep reading to see if these printers can meet your needs and what features they have on offer.

Comparison Chart

HP OfficeJet Pro 9025 All-in-One Wireless Printer, Single-pass (Automatic) Document Feeder & Two Paper Trays, Smart Home Office Productivity, Instant Ink, Works with Alexa (1MR66A)
Brother HL-L3270CDW Compact Wireless Digital Color Printer with NFC, Mobile Device and Duplex Printing – Ideal for Home and Small Office Use, Amazon Dash Replenishment Ready
41ShK 0azUL
Brother MFCL2750DW Monochrome All-in-One Wireless Laser Printer, Duplex Copy & Scan, Amazon Dash Replenishment Ready
41A4T H8pML
Canon PIXMA iP110 Inkjet Printer – Color
Brother Monochrome Laser, Multifunction, All-in-One Printer, MFC-L6800DW, Wireless Networking, Mobile Printing & Scanning, Duplex Print, Scan & Copy, Amazon Dash Replenishment Ready, Black

Best Office Printer Reviews

Officejet Pro 9025 All-In-One Wireless Printer From HP


This printer has all the right features to provide you with a great user experience from a well-established brand. As with all HP printers, you get good quality and functionality in one package for your convenience.

Product Highlights

This all-in-one wireless printer comes with all the necessary features for your office or home office. These functions include faxing, printing, and copying.

With the SmartTasks software, you can automate your filing and all document functions. This is possible because the printer can be synchronized with Google and Quickbooks to organize documents on your printer or phone.

You can easily monitor your printer’s status on the go, even when you are not in the office. You can also easily access all of your printer’s functions remotely, so you can print out documents on the way to the office to save you time.

Your documents and data are protected with built-in security that includes password protection, as well as Wi-Fi security. The printer software uses encryption technology to keep your documents safe from prying eyes.

You also have quite a large paper storage capacity of up to 35 pages in the automatic feeder tray. It prints 24 pages per minute with black printing only and 20 pages per minute for color printing.

The Good

This printer is easy to set up when you initially receive it. There are many available connection options, so you won’t be stranded when the internet connection is down.

The Bad

When you receive this printer, it does not come with a full original cartridge included, so you need to have a new one available. Some functions, such as the scan to computer function, only work on a Windows PC.


  • Comes with many great features
  • Relatively easy to set up, even with no experience
  • Easy to operate and use
  • Overall good printing quality


  • Scan to computer function only available for Windows PCs
  • Data cables not included with the printer

HL-L3270CDW Compact Wireless Digital Printer From Brother

Brother is a brand that is associated with high-quality printers that are reliable, affordable, and economical. This printer from Brother is no exception, as you get a solid, reliable printer with great features to make your office printing much more straightforward.

Product Highlights

The Brother Compact Wireless Digital Printer comes with a high printing speed of up to 25 pages per minute with color and black. This is great when you need to do a lot of printing, especially for month-end invoicing or even payroll runs.

You get reliable wireless connectivity with a built-in wireless connection. It also comes with Wi-Fi Direct connection capability and a USB or ethernet connection for versatile connectivity.

With this printer from Brother, you get high-quality color printing. It uses four LEDs instead of a laser unit to provide you with easy and affordable printouts all the time.

This printer is straightforward to set up and connect to your PC, smartphone, or tablet in only a few minutes. This means you can have it ready to do your office printing without wasting time with long-winded setups.

The touch screen can tilt up to provide you with easy-to-access options to set up the printer’s features and functions. The printer is a bit on the heavy side, but it is sturdily constructed to last for a long time.

The Good

If you are looking for a printer that does not cost too much and is quite economical per printout, this is the printer to go with. It also comes with an easy-to-use digital interface, so you have easy access to the printer’s functions.

The Bad

This printer from Brother does not come with a very functional driver for your Mac PC, and it is quite limited in functions. It also comes with a starter toner cartridge that will last for a few hundred pages, but then you need to replace the cartridge.


  • Relatively easy to set up and use
  • Comes with a large paper tray capacity
  • Very economical — low cost per print
  • User-friendly digital display


  • A bit heavy to carry around
  • Comes with starter toner cartridge included that needs to be replaced.

MFCL2750DW Monochrome Wireless Laser Printer By Brother

41ShK 0azUL

The printer comes with great features to make it perfect for the printing needs of a small to medium-sized business or home office. As with all Brother printers, it is sturdily constructed to last a long time.

Product Highlights

With the single-pass two-sided scanning and copying option, you will waste no time when it comes to document scanning. This will help you quickly and easily get those documents digitized without wasting too much of your time and effort.

It has quite a large document feeder capacity of up to 50 sheets, so you do not need to refill it very often. This feature will help save you time that can be used for more productive things, like managing your business.

With this all-in-one printer from Brother, you have all the functions you need for your business office in one device. These functions include fast and reliable printing, quick and easy scanning, copying, and faxing capabilities.

You can connect your compatible devices wirelessly with this printer to save space and operate without those extra cables. It also provides you with quite a wide range of scan driver compatibility for your office’s better versatility and mobility.

The printer is also compatible with Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote, OneNote, and more. You also have wireless printing capability from your mobile devices to keep your printing up to date when you’re on the go.

The Good

This printer has quite a high printer output of up to 36 pages per minute, which is excellent for a small to medium-sized business. It also is relatively easy to set the printer up and operate it for all your office printing needs.

The Bad

This printer cannot print in color, so you need to have a separate color printer. It is also not compatible with all mobile devices, and Android mobile devices must at least have version 4.4 to work with it.


  • Large feeder tray capacity
  • Very easy to set up and operate
  • Made with a strong and durable construction
  • Comes with a fast printing option


  • Does not print in color
  • Requires an internet connection for all of the features

Canon Pixma iP110 Wireless Mobile Printer

41A4T H8pML

This very lightweight printer is the ideal device for an on-the-go office to keep your printing up to date. This high-quality printer from Canon is perfect for a home office, as well as for those people traveling on business.

Product Highlights

Using the Pixma app with this wireless mobile printer from Canon, you can have quick, easy access from all of your devices. This means that your office can be converted to a complete mobile office without the need for a permanent location.

You can easily print from the cloud to your printer without even being close to the printer. This is possible with the cloud services printing app from Canon that functions with the mobile printer.

Another great thing about this printer is that you still have very high-quality printing in vivid colors despite the printer’s size. This is because of the DPi of 9600 x 2400 that this printer can produce.

It is also compatible with all Windows operating systems, as well as with all mobile operating systems. This makes the printer quite versatile. It is compatible across all platforms found on mobile and desktop devices to improve the mobility factor.

Easy PhotoPrint+ comes included with the printer, so you can easily edit all of your photos from any remote site. No matter where you are, you will have full access to your files if you have internet access.

The Good

This printer’s excellent mobility can be used for the home office, small business office, or the on-the-go office. It also comes with great wireless capability to make it easy to use from most mobile devices and your office PC.

The Bad

This printer comes with many features, but all those extras come at quite a high price point. This means that not all people out there will be able to afford it, so it is out of many people’s reach.


  • Lightweight and compact — perfect for smaller offices
  • Compatible with all the latest technologies and platforms
  • Very easy to operate after setting it up
  • A lot of great features included


  • Comes at a high price
  • Initial setup of the printer might be a bit difficult.

Brother Monochrome MFC-L6800DW All-In-One Wireless Printer


This printer from Brother is made to last for a long time with its sturdy and durable construction. It is ideal for getting your printing done in one place from all of your devices.

Product Highlights

The digital control is straightforward to use and understand, and it provides easy access to the functions and features. With this color touchscreen display, you can set up to 48 shortcuts to making your workflow much easier.

It also comes with an easily expandable paper capacity to hold up to 570 sheets for improved productivity. This can also be expanded with optional trays, so it can hold more than 2,600 sheets in the trays at a time.

With a high-yield toner for a kokodagear-20nt, you can easily print more than 12,000 pages with just one toner cartridge. This will help save you money with a much cheaper cost per sheet.

The printer is also compatible with quite a wide range of operating systems to make it compatible across mobile platforms. It can be easily used with all popular cloud services, including Google Drive, OneNote, Evernote, Dropbox, and other popular services.

With the auto duplex printing plus feature, you can easily do two-sided scanning and copying to save time and paper. With all these great features, this printer is ideal for small to medium workgroups.

The Good

With the high-yield printing output of up to 48 pages per minute, you cannot go wrong. It is quite versatile with a wide range of connectivity options for printing, copying, and scanning.

The Bad

This printer from Brother is quite heavy and needs to be set up in a central location. This printer can also print only black; you would need a separate printer for color printing options.


  • Comes with a large paper sheet capacity
  • Safe and secure — no internet security risks
  • Comes with a high-yield toner cartridge included
  • Quite easy to operate once set up


  • Quite heavy compared to similar models
  • Difficult to set up

Buyer’s Guide

This guide provides you with information you will need to make an informed choice for office printers. There might be some information you already know. Still, sometimes it is good to know too much than too little, especially with digital devices.

In the question section, we ask some general questions and provide answers to understand what you need. That means we’ll discuss what you need in an office printer, as well as whether or not it will improve your productivity and how to save your image.

Inkjet or Laser

When choosing between an inkjet or laser printer, you need to look at the features that might influence your decision. First, we take a look at the initial cost of a printer. Inkjet printers are relatively cheaper upfront than laser printers.

However, the laser printer toner cartridge will be much cheaper than the inkjet cartridge for operating costs. If you print only a few pages at a time, inkjet is the better option. Still, for larger volume printing, a laser printer is better.

If you want to keep the cost per print down, a laser is the better type of printer for your business or office. A laser printer is better for document printing, while an inkjet printer is better for printing photos.

Multifunction Printers

This type of printer incorporates more than one function into the device, making it versatile for various applications. These functions may include printing, faxing, copying, and scanning documents in just one compact device.

This is an excellent choice for businesses that need to run on a tight budget but need all those functions for the company. For a home office or small business, this is a great option to improve workflow and keep the cost of devices down.

These printers will normally print faster than standard printers, and it is also an excellent way to save space. There is one major problem when it comes to these devices — when it breaks; you lose all functions at the same time.

Footprint and Size

As mentioned before, multifunction printers will help you save space if you do not have a lot of it available. With most of these modern printers, you need only the power cable to make it manageable.

These printers are great for the office, where you need to keep everything together and use the minimum space for devices. It uses minimum a minimal amount of paper to operate, which makes it more eco-friendly.

A great function is that you can fax and email and store documents by scanning them to digitize them. This will help to take you one step closer to the reality of a paperless society.

Wireless Connectivity

This is where you do not need a cable to connect your PC and printer so you can use it to print. It will also help you connect to all of your mobile devices for easy access and printing.

Wireless connectivity may include Wi-Fi, so all the home or office devices can connect with the printer. This is quite convenient for mobile devices to print to the printer locally wirelessly and from a remote site.

Cloud printing is also possible with a wireless printer, and it provides secure access for all devices. There are three connectivity methods used with wireless printers, and they are Wi-Fi direct, ad hoc, as well as Wi-Fi infrastructure.

Price Per Page

The cost per page for printing may vary from brand to brand and with different printing technologies. When it is done with an inkjet printer, it will cost more per page than with a laser printer.

If you use an inkjet printer, it is better to get a printer that uses a separate cartridge for the different colors. It is easy to calculate the average cost per page by dividing the total prints with one cartridge by the cartridge’s price.

Laser printers have a much higher page per cartridge yield and offer a much cheaper average cost per page. To save on the operating cost, it is much better to buy a laser printer if you are going to print high volumes of printouts.

Print Speed

This is when it takes your printer to print a single page, depending on the type of document you are printing. If it is text-only, it will print much quicker than if you needed to print a high-quality image.

Most printers will not yield the same amount of printing when it comes to photos and text. There will also be a difference in yield volume between a color print and a monochrome printout with the same printer.

Laser printers will have a higher yield than inkjet printers when it comes to standard and low-quality printing. An inkjet printer’s average output is 13 to 15 pages per minute in black and around 11 pages for color.

On average, laser printers will easily print 21 to 42 pages per minute for monochrome printouts and about 15 to 20 pages for color.

Print Quality

Both inkjet and laser printers can produce high-quality printouts in monochrome, as well as in color. It is better to use an inkjet printer for better quality photo printing when it comes to color printouts.

The printout quality will depend not only on the printer but also on the type of paper used. Higher-quality paper will produce higher-quality printouts, especially when it comes to photo-quality and image printing.

It is also essential to keep in mind that mediocre kokodagear-20nt cartridges will also impact print quality. It is always better to replace the cartridge with one specified by the printer’s manufacturer for better quality printing.

Printer Interface

The interface is the boundary shared by two or more devices to exchange information between the devices. In the case of a printer, there are a few different interfaces or ways of connecting the printer and communication device.

Most printers’ parallel port allows the printer to be connected via a cable to a PC with the same connection. The newer types of printers use a USB interface to provide contact between different devices.

There are wireless connections such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi t to connect devices to each other. You can even connect more than two devices. These are interfaces because of the exchange of information via the connection established between the devices involved.


Will My Operator Support This Printer?

Most modern multifunctional printers provide support for all the popular operating systems used with PCs and mobile devices. The most popular platforms are iOS for all Apple devices and Android for many other mobile devices.

Printers will almost always support Windows systems and Mac PCs because they are the most popular operating systems. Modern printers will also support different devices with different versions of the specific operating system for compatibility and mobility.

Any printer manufacturer needs to ensure that their product is compatible across all platforms to ensure maximum compatibility.

How to Connect a Printer to a Computer

There are a few ways you can connect your printer to a computer. The most popular methods are either via USB or wireless in the form of Wi-Fi. With a USB connection, you need to connect the USB cable from the printer to your PC, and then you need to install the printer driver.

After installing the driver, the operating system will use the plug-and-play feature to connect the two devices. In the case of a wireless connection, you also need to install the printer driver onto your computer and use the software’s features.

As is the case with the USB connection, the operating system’s plug-and-play feature will detect your printer. You also need to make sure your PC’s wireless connection is activated for the PC to connect with the printer.

What is GSM?

This abbreviation stands for Global System for Mobile communications and is a standard developed by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute. This describes the protocols used for 2nd-generation digital cellular networks used by mobile devices, such as cellphones and tablets, to communicate.

How to Clean Printheads

It is always better to clean the printheads as little as possible because it will consume ink every time you do a head cleaning. This can be done by selecting the software menu option that accompanies the printer driver on the CD-ROM supplied with your printer. When you choose to clean the printhead on the menu, follow the instructions provided on-screen with the software.

One reason why your printhead may become clogged is if you do not use the printer very often. The ink will dry and clog the heads. This will result in no printing at all or inferior quality printing. To avoid printhead clogging, use the printer regularly. This will keep the print quality at an optimum level.

What Size is Printer Paper?

The paper size most often used for printing in a printer is A4, which is slightly larger than the letter size of 8.5 by 11 inches. Several other paper sizes are available.

The different sizes of printer paper are referred to by the size names, such as A4. They may range from A0, which is the largest, to A8, which is the smallest.

When it comes to what you can typically expect, unless you are using a specialized printer, you can rest assured that printer paper is A4.

Final Thoughts

The choice of the best office printer will depend on your specific needs. Still, we selected the Canon Pixma for its mobility. This printer comes with excellent quality printing options, but it is also more expensive.

Based on its overall performance and quality, we think that the price is justified if you have the money. It will last you for many years so that the cost will average out.

Second is the Brother MFC-L6800DW networking printer due to the high output capacity. This one also has some problems, though. It only prints in black and also comes at a high price.

But if you are working in an office that doesn’t need color prints but rather high-quality, high-output printing, then this is the printer for you.

The Brother HL-L3270CDW is available at a low price for those working on a tight budget and has excellent features. It can also print in color and produce high-quality printouts when you need it.

It is ideal for the home office. Additionally, it is perfect if you would like something that the whole family can use — it is great for kids’ projects.


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